Promoted Events : AFRODISAC - World Music Festivals Edition

16 years ago

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  • 10TH Annual World Music Festival: Chicago 2008
    Where: Sonotheque - 1444 W. Chicago (
    When: September 20th
    Cover $10 & up
    Arrive early
    Aurelien PV
    By participating to the 10th annual World Music Festival: Chicago 2008, this special edition of Afrodisiac features as a guess DJ one of of the best in the world in DJ Samy Ben Redjeb straight from Tunisia/Germany spinning Rare 70s Afrobeat and Funk.
    Our Resident DJ TopDonn will also be on the decks for a great dose of Afrobeat & Afro-Groove
    \"Afrodisiac is a monthly club night dedicated to featuring the best in African dance rhythms including: Kwaito, Ndombolo, Makossa, Coupe-Decalle, Zouk and Kompa\"
    Hosted, promoted and produced by the only & so popular Aurelien PV & Studio International
    About DJ Samy Ben Redjeb:
    In the mid-1990s, Samy Ben Redjeb was a diving instructor working in Senegal when an accidental exposure to a Thomas Mapfumo record triggered an epiphany. Slowly he worked his way round Africa’s record shops, but it was in Benin that he struck his gold. Financing his purchases by working as a flight attendant for an airline, African Scream Contest, the third release from his Analog Africa imprint, is the result. There isn’t as much screaming as the title suggests but a cornucopia of Afro-trance music, taking its influences from indigenous sounds as much as American funk and psychedelia.
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