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14 years ago

  • Shamir Kimera Sengendo Kampala Uganda Africa People Change Reggae Party
  • This is a public letter to all those who know or associate with Kimera Sengendo, AKA Shamir. If you have recently seen this man driving in Kampala in an Escalade or Mercedes, please know that this man has no right to be in these vehicles at all. He would like people to think he has acquired these vehicles through the success of his music. He would like people to see him as a rich man, who has now returned to Africa from the USA as a star. YET ALL OF THIS IS NOTHING BUT A LIE! Those who saw him flop at Club Silk (April 29th) can judge for themselves his true talent and abilities. The music of Shamir preaches love and harmony between people. But if one judges the man by his actions, one finds a thieving, back-stabbing desperate hypocrite. The truth is that Shamir has betrayed a wonderful family that supported him and treated him like one of their own. The truth is that Shamir has been struggling with a mediocre music career for years. The truth is that he would have nothing without the generosity of those who have believed in him. Because these good people trusted him, they entered sincerely into a business deal to sell these cars. They made themselves financially vulnerable to him and in return he has taken advantage of them. One of these family members has been stranded in Kampala for over 40 days now trying to recover what is theirs. This man has stolen the life savings of a hard-working and generous family that only ever treated him with kindness and love. You might be able to fool the people in Uganda and in the USA, but you cannot compete with the power of God and the truth. Shamir? The name says: SHAM! Shamir? The name says: SHAME!
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