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Moonchild Sanelly Shows Us Inside The World of Amapiano, South Africa’s Sound of Freedom

  • Follow musician @Moonchild Sanelly deep into the changing sounds and streets of South Africa to explore #amapiano – the emerging underground music scene soundtracking a new kind of freedom in the country, rooted in its long history of resistance. As featured in the autumn 2021 issue of Dazed.
    “In 2021, you can’t really call amapiano a genre. The yanos – an affectionate term for the fans and creators behind South Africa’s fastest-growing musical movement – often refer to it as a life. For them, amapiano is much more than just a hybrid of deep house, jazz piano and lounge, it is the sound of a new generation of Black youth in a country escaping not just the current restrictions, but colonial and Apartheid ghosts. It’s a sound that has far transcended the provincialism of how it is made and shared. Like any new subculture with a large following online, the music is complex, broad-reaching in scope and open to interpretation, ranging from the smooth, jazzy melodies found in Musa Keys’ “Vula Mlomo” to the high energy, fast-paced and playful sound of Kamo Mphela’s “Nkulunkulu”.” – Nkgopoleng Moloi
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    Moonchild Sanelly Shows Us Inside The World of Amapiano, South Africa’s Sound of Freedom | Youth Uncovered
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