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Damian Marley - In 2 Deep

  • ..You're in 2 deep
    If you're over 10
    And watch CNN and believe everything
    You're in 2 deep
    And your 35
    And you still survive, idle pon corner side
    You're in 2 deep
    And your 55
    And don't have a child, for your joy and your pride
    You're in 2 deep
    And yuh riding a freak
    And she love how you do it, and your condom deplete
    You're in 2 deep
    And she seh, "Baby please"
    And you're weak in the knees and kick off and release
    You're in 2 deep
    Then you hear from the streets
    Seh she full of disease, and you start to sneeze
    You're in 2 deep
    All months and fi weeks
    All food yuh nuh eat, and you weight start decrease
    Youre in 2 deep...

    Category : Reggae (mp3)


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