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'#Music Beyond Boundaries': African Tribals Dance to Shershaah Song in #Viral Video| VIRAL!

  • We have often seen people from different parts of the world shaking a leg to Bollywood tunes. They have even acknowledged that they love our films and songs. Finding such videos isn’t even a rarity and a similar clip is going viral on social media these days. In the short clip, two African tribals, a young man and woman, were seen humming and dancing to a romantic Bollywood number.
    The music of the recently released Bollywood flick, Shershah, was much loved and appreciated. Now, IAS officer Awanish Sharan has shared on his Twitter account a video in which a young African tribal man and woman can be seen enjoying a song from Shershaah. However, a few things about this video are unclear. Nobody knows when the video was shot and where exactly, but the people are showering their love on it.
    The video has more than 52,000 views on Twitter and has received more than 6,000 likes. The most interesting and adorable part about the clip video is that the young man and the woman are not just enjoying the song but are also trying to sing along. And we have to give them credit for it because they are doing an amazing job.
    No matter what their understanding of the song and the lyrics, they seem to have understood the feeling completely. While sharing this video on Twitter Awanish, too, has written a perfect caption: “Music is beyond boundaries".

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