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2007 World Aids Day

  • In 2007 alone, 2.5 millions people have contracted the Virus, and 1.7 million of those are sub Saharan Africans. This day begs reflexion from us who are HIV positive, HIV negative, or HIV not sure Africans. It begs of us who are still alive to say a silent prayer for those who know they are affected, or whose loved ones are affected. They are vaccine effort underway, but by the time they rich my native village, I don't know how many will be dead already...This day I think obliges us to unite our efforts as a continent to face this catastrophe together...We shall go through it...We shall prevail With God help and our effort...May God or Allah or Jah, the God of our ancestors, or however you call Him receive the souls of those who have died of this disease. Guys let's hope for the better...

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