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  • In 2004, Benjamin and Millie Mengi sold though their company Fiona Tanzania, the lease to Silverdale & Mbono Farms in the Hai District of the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania to Silverdale Tanzania Ltd a company in which British investor Stewart Middleton owns a controlling interest. One year later, after being paid in full and signing a receipt Benjamin Mengi began negotiating with another British investor Konrad Legg, of Tudeley Estates, to sell the lease to him a second time. Mengi demanded that the British investors handed the lease back to him stating that he had not been paid in full and that $7,000 was still owing to him. When the investors refused a four year campaign of terror, legal abuse and harassment was unleashed against them which was and continues to be facilitated by the Tanzanian police force, judiciary, State institutions and government Ministers. The police have persistently terrorised, imprisoned and unlawfully arrested and imprisoned Stewart Middleton and his Tanzanian staff. In the main the abuse has been led by the Moshi police headed and directly facilitated by Mr Lucas Ng'hoboko the Regional Police commander for the Kilimanjaro region who the investors describe as an overtly corrupt police officer supporting the criminal activities of Benjamin Mengi. President Kikwete has promised the British government that the situation would be fairly resolved. He reneged on his promise and the investors had to flee for their lives in 2008 with the total loss of their investment. The police constantly came to the gates of Silverdale Farm demanding entry on varying complaints initiated by Benjamin Mengi, Millie Mengi. Benjamin Mengi was almost always leading the police proceedings. In November 2005, Mengi stated in front of the senior officer of Boma Ngombe police (seen here in this video) that '..he was black, you are white and the police here are in my hands and will do nothing to protect you..' Mengi stated that he would drive the investors out of Tanzania by any means and if necessary, would chop them to pieces with a machete and send them back to Zimbabwe in a coffin. He was not arrested for this abuse. This video shows some of the daily harassment of the investors by the police.

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