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  • More evidence of corruption in the infamous 'Silverdale Case' in Tanzania where Benjamin and Millie Mengi engage in criminal conduct facilitated by the police, judiciary and State intitutions in order to re-gain the lease to Silverdale & Mbono Farms in Moshi.
    Having sold the lease to Silverdale & Mbono Farms in Moshi to British Investors Stewart Middleton and Sarah Hermitage in 2004, the Mengi's demanded it back a year later after negotiating to sell it a second time to another British Investor Konrad Legg (Tudeley Estates).
    When the investors refused, a four year campagn of violence, imprisonment, abuse of law and Zimbabwe style intimidation was unleashed against them which has remained unchecked by the Tanzanian government and led to them fleeing the country in 2008.
    14 abusive law suits were issued by Mengi to harrass the investors not one of them has been heard in nearly five years. The evidence here concerns one of those cases.
    The investor's full story can be read at :-
    This video shows prima facia evidence of perjury (carrying a prison sentance of seven years) by the Mengi's and their associates condoned, by senior police officers. The Chief justice promised the British government he would review the file and then changed his mind a year later.
    If you want to invest in Tanzania, check out the 'Silverdale Case'.
    All you Brits should be concerned, U.K. is the largest donor of aid to Tanzania.
    Don't support a regime that abuses your fellow countrymen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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