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  • The Silverdale Case (see link )
    Benjamin and Millie Mengi caused barbaric suffering to animals (whilst trespassing) and committed criminal damage and criminal trespass on Silverdale Farm. Governemnt institutions fail to address any of the criminal conduct committed by the Mengi's in order to harass British investors who have now fled the country due to threats to their lives and the destruction of their investment.
    The Mengis sold the lease to Silverdale & Mbono Farms (Fiona Tanzania Ltd) to British investor Stewart Middlelton (Silverdale Tanzania Ltd) in 2004. After one year, Mengi began negotiating with Konrad Legg (Tudeley Estates) to sell the lease a second time. He demanded the lease back from the investors stating that he had not been paid in full despite, having signed a receipt that he had.
    When the investors refused Mengi stated he would drive them from the country by any means if necessary, cut them up into pieces with a Machete and send home in a coffin.
    A four year campaign of harassment and intimidation was then unleashed against the investors.
    This video shows one of the most disgusting elements of the harasment when, in order to drive the investors from the farms the Mengis left their dead cattle to fester and stink close to the investors house and failed to deal with the provisions of a quarantine order . This was done in order to harass them and not one member of any State institution has ever asked Mengi to account for his criminal conduct.
    The video shows the barbaric, savage and deliberate cruelty caused to the animals simply in order to harass the British investors. The police and the judiciary have overtly facilitated this criminal conduct by failing to arrest Mengi for criminal trespass, criminal damage and assault by keeping their animals on the farm unlawfully. Former Minister of Justice Mary Nagu instructed the investors not to remove the cattle from the farm. The Minister had no constitutional or legal basis for this instruction and is thus condoning at Ministerial level, abuse of the rule of law. Nagu stated in November 2007, that she wanted to resolve the issue in a manner that 'protected' the Mengi name. Mengi continues to commit serious offences of criminal trespass, burglary and assault by keeping the animals on the farm unlawfully. The police refuse to accept a criminal complaint against the Mengis.
    After some 20 animals had died from foot and mouth disease, the police accepted a complaint from mengi, that the investors had killed his cattle and issued a civil law suit for this and accusing the investors of forging a quarantine order.

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