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  • In 2004, Benjamin and Millie Mengi assigned (through Fiona Tanzania Ltd) the lease to Silverdale & Mbono Farms in the Hai District of the Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania, to British investor Stewart Middleton Silverdale Tanzania Ltd).
    A year later Mengi tried to sell the lease again to British Investor Konrad Legg and demanded the lease back. Mengi stated in front of RCO Kighondo, that he would drive the investor and his wife out of Tanzania cut up into pieces if necessary. The investors have been harrased, imprisoned and faced threats and violence and vextious court proceedings.
    Mengi refuses to remove his cattle from the farms and they persit in destroying export crops and are dying of disiease.
    Mengi took out a court case that the investors were killing the cattle albeit, Mengi is able to remove them at any point. This video shows Anold Kimaro, Mengi's 'power of attorney' acting for Mengi in Court stating that the investors are killing the cattle, on Silverdale Farm as a trespasser stating to the police in Moshi that he was going to destroy the video camera with which he is being legally filmed by Sarah Hermitage. This was a serious assault on the investor Sarah Hermitage. The police took no action.

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