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Knocking and Kicking (Kugonga Na MaTeke)

  • The African American Martial Art of Ya Asilia A Vita Sanaa is carrying on African as well as African American martial traditions of KICK FIGHTING, MMA and NO-HOLDS BARRED fighting for sure, remember prisoners during the African Halocust of Enslavement were often pit against each other for sport and profit through gambl...ing in plantation to plantation no-holds barred competitions and fortunately some of this information was passed to me,my brothers and cousin from my uncles and like this KNOCKING and KICKING video i plan to share the mixed martial art of Ya Asilia A Vita Sanaa with the world!
    Witness African Martial Arts disguised as dance in the United States (The African American Foot Fighting or Knocking and Kicking [Kugonga Na MaTeke]) of the African American Martial Art of "Kwa or Ya Asilia Avita Sanaa", Brazil (Capoeira), and Martinique(Ladja). Notice the simularities!!!

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