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    Peace to my Ex I ain\\\\\\\'t with you tonight
    \\\\\\\'Cause I just found somebody else who\\\\\\\'s gon love me right
    We like: kissing each other
    We like: hugging each other - we tight
    And I ain\\\\\\\'t telling her \\\\\\\"I love her\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\'cause
    Tonight is on! (on on on) x 3
    I\\\\\\\'ll be on you like crack on a pipe of a crack-fiend
    \\\\\\\'Cause you\\\\\\\'ll always be my black African queen.
    Tonight I\\\\\\\'ll be on you closer than a tatoo
    Yep, I\\\\\\\'m contageous like that dangerous Swine flu.
    [ZIG ZAGG]
    She said, \\\\\\\"I love you boo\\\\\\\"
    I said, \\\\\\\"I love you too\\\\\\\"
    Push her into the pool,
    We both acting like fools.
    Her swagg is straight from the freezer - my baby\\\\\\\'s really cool.
    She said she\\\\\\\'s home alone, I\\\\\\\'m here to dreak the rules
    [CHORUS] x2
    [FIVE SIX]
    See my old chick wanna bone me now,
    Since she heard that I be balling now.
    By the way she\\\\\\\'s way too borring now,
    And I\\\\\\\'m so glad that it\\\\\\\'s YOU I found.
    So make your self at home, girl... You and your homegirl.
    What happens here, stays right here - my crib is in its own world.
    I\\\\\\\'m in the future, baby and you\\\\\\\'re my future baby.
    I\\\\\\\'d hate to see you bounce but love to see you shake like Haiti.
    Do you believe in magic? If so lets disappear.
    Took her up into VIP, no ID let me whisper in your ear.
    She looks so good in them jeans, good in the heals
    See that booty drop if you know what I mean
    F*** crack it\\\\\\\'s the p**** I fiend
    Me on top of her forward thrusting.
    You my everything boo I\\\\\\\'m just lying,
    Don\\\\\\\'t wanna rush things I will take my time:
    Tick-Tock by the end of the night that p**** mine
    (Tonight is on)
    Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.
    I just need another don\\\\\\\'t wanna pretend
    Who gon love me better for who I am -
    I just want to be free

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