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I Wanna Take You Higher!

  • Electro House Soul With Serious Gospel Flavor!
    Kamal Imani Amen
    I wanna take you higher.
    If it aint one thing it's another
    but look inside and you'll discover
    a spark of life
    a Inner Voice
    Telling you that you have a choice
    will you let your dreams expire?
    or renew your faith and rise higher
    Like a lotus flower unfoldin
    let's live our lives like its golden
    Be blessed get all you desire
    No more drama
    it's time to rise higher
    I and my father are one
    you will do greater things than I
    so live your life like its golden
    and keep your head to the sky
    be fresh be fly
    renew yourself
    renew your soul
    renew your mind
    keep the faith shine
    It's your time
    I wanna take you higher
    Go out there
    do you
    get everything you desire
    cause i just wanna take you higher.
    My name is kamal imani
    and in case you don't know
    that means perfect faith
    let's go
    I wanna take you higher.
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    Itunes 3/25

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