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Noni Zondi - Come Get It (HD)

  • Rapper, singer, dancer and model Noni Zondi, questioned to be the UK's next Lil Kim will be making waves across the UK and international music scene.
    South African born UK based artist Noni Zondi's musicality has been influenced by talents such as Salt n Pepper, Adina Howard, Notorious B.I.G. and renowned South African Artist, Ihasi Elimhlophe.
    Having been based in London since the age of 12, Noni has worked and trained hard to build up and perfect her musical talent. After Meeting renowned artist and producer JJC aka Mr Skillz (of whom was the founding member of multi platinum selling group 'Big Brovaz') in early 2010; Noni's career officially began.
    Proud of her culture and of her voluptuous womanly figure, Noni remains confident and happy:
    "I used to get severely teased about my figure whilst I was at school. I refused to let this get this me down and affect my confidence. I feel that as a woman it's very important to be comfortable and confident in the bodies that we are in.
    Noni Zondi is definitely one artist to watch out for throughout 2011, already generating positive hype on the music scene; this rapper, singer, dancer and model will definitely leave her mark.

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