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  • Two or three games are played in this video, I think the wow factor was achieved when the Coast Guard was used to transport the nuke and the Nuke was used to win the game.
    The electronic version of Armis is now available for free download at www.ArmisGame.com. (see bottom of home page)
    Armis (www.ArmisGame.com is a high strategy board game designed to challenge competitive people who like brain-games.
    Armis has 100 land, air, and/or sea spaces, 17 unique pieces, and a comprehensive guide that details all of the rules.
    From the very beginning of the game, with over a million ways to set-up, varying spaces, pieces with conditional or unconditional powers, and pieces that can fly over, dive under, zig-zag between, climb, or move other pieces,
    players are constantly forced to create, execute, and analyse strategies and tactics as they manage resources and weigh opportunities in light of every changing situations.
    Although the computer is playing at Intermediate level. the game is rated at Beginner, due to onscreen set-up assistance and piece movement option indicators.
    Armis has an average set-up time is 5 mins, an average playing time of 30 mins, and a steep learning curve of 150mins (5 game plays).

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