Geto Boys - G Code

  • Man Motherfuckers just, follow a nigga around dude That's real Some shit though, fuck these feds {?} nigga, racist motherfuckers, man!
    [Scarface]I don't wanna - run no more, but I know that if I stopI'll be another nigga headed to heaven, hangin with 'PacThese motherfuckers look at me like I'm a slangerMakin threats to my family, dawg I'm in dangerWho do you call when these agents want you deadand they hit these penetentiaries and niggaz make a pledgeSo I dip and duck the feds, all my homies duck out on indictmentsCaught up on the phone, talkin prices (hello)25-to-life's the mandatory minimalMy whole community gets treated like they criminalsWhy are them bitches gettin motherfuckers hungGot a C.I. on the inside and everybody's sungMothers and fathers seperated from they sonsHouseholds are broken, you couldn't hold your tongueIf it's yours, say it's yours, take the case, do your timeWhen you was out here gettin money from it e'rything was fineNow you cryin in your jail cell, stressin on the caseAnd the D.A. is at a nigga every other dayI can see it in your face, in the middle of your soul You in question of your manhood homey - Keep the code
    [Chorus: repeat 2X]We don't talk to police, we don't make a peace bond We don't trust in the judicial system, we shoot gunsWe rely on the streets we do battle in the hoodI was born in the G Code, embedded in my blood
    [Scarface]See I be on some street shit, don't talk to police[ From: ]I won't accept a visit from agents who wanna seeif I got shit to say about a nigga case I'm a motherfuckin nigga through and through, I ain't gayKnow a nigga caught a case and he took his 25Sat it out on a pill, and gave him back that time A soldier in his mind and his actions said the sameTold a cracker tell your mammy suck his dick and {?} JamesAin't no motherfuckin game, we been livin this for realWhen the government is workin, real niggaz never squealRight here the truth revealed, Troy you a mouseYeah you rappin but the homey Lil Pots can't get outNiggaz they hit the pen, they get charged, then get outOn a rule, 35, he a bought it for the copsYou can hear it in his voice, I done listened to the tapesNow you showin up in court, testifyin for the state
    [Scarface]I'm knowin all the scams, all the tricks to the tradeKnow a nigga tryin to get clean, and you get in the wayKnow a nigga tryin to get green, and you stick out the baitCause a nigga like a dopefiend, can't rehabilitateStill stickin to the G Code, we playin by the rulesWe don't fuck around with new niggaz, cause new niggaz is foolsWe don't photograph the homies, that'll catch a nigga upOn a picture you a victim, bottom line nigga fuckedOnly connect the real, stayin down with the trueI got love for you Ant, you a real nigga SpookMy nigga Spoonie Gee, I can only name a fewBut there's a thousand motherfuckers in the pen bulletproofSo this one here for you, I'm a rep it 'til I die Fuck a 5-K-1, check his P-S-ISend his ass to the top if he say he sit at homeHe a motherfuckin snitch, snitchin niggaz need this song
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