Das Efx - He We Go

    Yo it's the slick fuckin trick-tight nigga from the heights again
    I'm gettin nice again as the pussy's like *? micalin? *
    So I pretend to be somethin that you ain't
    You got me laughin til the fuckin bank'll bust, I'll do ya somethin sick
    I'm bad to the bone, gnaws at the gristle
    Puttin the squeeze on niggas so (what? ) fuck mr whipple
    If you live along my end, yeah baby girl I might tickle (c'mon)
    I drink gold e like fred d drank the ripple
    Word to god, niggas wanna play hard rap-a-dosis
    That shit got to go, I cock back, shot the flow pow!
    Caught, now hook em to the respirator drip
    The shit bag to his hip while he vision in the escalator
    Now play the humble in the tunnel with the bright light
    At the end of it, word is bond, time to end this shit
    Here we go
    Here we go yo, time to get dumped
    Yeah that's how it is yo and that's how it go
    *repeat x3*
    Well guess who's next up to flex, no need to introduce
    We're holdin down the spot just like the pimps that wanna 40-deuce
    So here's the story, kid you bore me, don't ignore me
    You're gettin killed in my territory (word up)
    You think ya clever son but you're never son
    Gonna get a chance to fuckin call me like edison
    I think ya better run cos I'm comin at'cha
    And what the fuck you gonna do when I catch ya
    Ya little bastard ya get the last hit
    When I blast it you're gonna end up in a fuckin casket
    I kicks the mad shit, I come to show the flow
    You're fuckin with a pro but yo I guess by now ya know, so
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    Well now I got you niggas stumblin, I see you fumblin, kill the mumblin
    Cos when I'm on the track I'm never wacked when I be rumblin
    Like dis, like dat, I'm fatter than the fattest
    Niggas wish they had this, they know my style's the fuckin baddest
    You got the saddest but yo you're just a pussy
    My fuckin girl'll make you do the wa-toosie
    You need protection when in my section
    With the injection, the number one in my fuckin collection
    I blast off like a rocket, so don't knock it
    Til you try it, I come deep like a riot
    Ya can't deny it, I keep it on lock
    A 40 and a blunt motherfucker and you don't stop
    I'm on the scene with the nicotine puffer
    I gut ya clean and make ya fuckin spleen rupture
    Nice with the ways is the dazed axe nigga
    I know a lotta rap figures and pushin-crack niggas
    Perhaps wacked niggas need to play the back step
    I got styles with days but styles ain't even hatch-ed
    I'm super fly hatin but never violatin
    We use to smoke a pound a week but now we're gettin higher lately
    Rhyme-sayers need prayers cos sniper's gettin hot
    When you make the sign of the cross, x marks the spot
    Ill clips to my ribs with my niggas to the side
    3-80 stash in the 3-25
    Oops I'm at the eight now, bees think I push
    More rock than mr slay, I'm fat like ricki lake
    Here we go
    Here we giddo, time to get diddo
    That's how it is yo, axe how we go
    Here we go
    Here we go, time to get dough
    That's how it is yo, axe how we go
    Here we go
    Here we go yo, time to get dough
    That's how it is yo, that's how we go
    Here we giddo, time to get diddo
    That's how it is yo, act like we kniddow
    Word up

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