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Afro Zouk Nostalgic 80-90 Mixtape

  • A decade later, zouk has imposed itself in the world music scene. It is still going
    extremely strong in Paris, Martinique and Guadeloupe, and the Francophone world. The
    familiarity of zouk's underlying rhythm is so strong that within a decade of its birth zouk
    had become a catalyst for exciting musical experimentation among many Paris-based
    musicians from French-speaking Africa and the Caribbean. Zouk started to spread its
    influence to other african music styles such as Soukous from the Congos, Makossa/Makassi from
    Cameroon, Music of the Senegalese artists like Ismael Lo, Fode Baro, Sekouba Bambino, Kandia Kouyate,
    and artists from Abidjan recording studios such as Gadji Celi and Monique Seka. Zouk
    musicians in Paris increasingly played and recorded with African musicians. In the 1980s, the Cape Verdean diaspora living in Europe and North America have influenced the traditional "coladeira" with Compas, promoted by French Antilleans as" Zouk". Later, the new generation who grew up in Cape Verde featured a slow mixed version of electric pop music with Cape Verdean music styles, a light compas called "cabo love" , "cabo zouk" or "kizomba". This light compas has become popular in Portuguese speaking country's of Africa, Brazil and the rest of the world. Most of the songs are written in Portuguese/creole. Enjoy!
    Michel Moutouari (Congo) - Albertina (Consecration, 1995)
    Patience Dabany (Gabon) - Cheri Ton Disque Est Raye (Cheri Ton Disque Est Raye, 198?)
    Dianga Chopin (Congo) - Douleur d'amour (Douleur d'amour, 1988)
    Denis Loubassou "La Cloche" (Congo) (RIP) - Balai Magique (Leila la Parisienne, 1989)
    Paola (Gabon) - C'est Cruel (Angele Assele presente Paola, 1988)
    Jena Mandako (RDC) (RIP) - Mama Coyo Pas La (Likita, 1987)
    Tam Tam 2000 (Cape Verde) - Zouk En Avant (Symboise, 1986)
    Woya (Cote d'Ivoire) - Atepe (Woya, 1987)
    Woya (Cote d'Ivoire) - Kacou Ananzé (Kacou Ananzé, 1987)
    Pepe Kalle (RIP) & Nyboma (RDC) - Zouke Zouke (Empire Bakuba, 1986)
    Joelle Seka (Cote d'Ivoire) (RIP) - Chimoin (Ayela, 1996)
    Oliver N'Goma (RIP) (Gabon) - Mule (Adia, 1996)
    Koffi Olomide (RDC) - Civilise (Les Prisonniers Dorment, 1990)
    Pierre Akendengue (Gabon) - Piroguier (Piroguier, 1987)
    Kibwe (RDC) - Banza Mande (Casamance, 1988)
    Kibwe (RDC) - La Nuit Des Noces (Casamance, 1988)
    Ballou Canta (Congo) - Guetty (Jean Marie, 1986)
    Kris D (Congo) - Bolingo-Kouala (Cent Pour Cent Afro Zouk, 2002)
    Angelina Tezanou (Cameroon) - Il Faut Faire un Choix (Cote Couer, 1998)

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