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Malagasy Traditional Dance and Song: square formation

  • Dance group Tarika Fanjan'Oliva i Lanitra at the L'Artisan Hotel and Restaurant in Ambositra, Madagascar. These young people are dancing and singing at the same time, with incredible harmonies which remind me of those made familiar to the west by Paul Simon's work with African musicians. The patio tiles they are dancing on were hot -- and notice the men are barefoot!
    There are three musicians, visible very briefly at the start of the clip -- two on drums and one on electronic keyboard. One of the drummers also leads the singing. After the short musical bits, he starts singing and the dancers then join in with him. You can hear an example of this at my favorite part of the clip, just after the one-minute mark, when the men run out to join the women. I've uploaded a shorter clip where the musicians are visible. That clip is titled "Malagasy Traditional Dance and Song: small circles."
    For more information on the dance group and L'Artisan Hotel and restaurant where they are dancing, contact artisan_hotel@yahoo.fr. I do not gain anything from them. I just love what they are doing.

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