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South African House Mix!!!!!!! (Dj Cleo, Big Nuz, Dj Cndo, Dj TMC, Dj Call Me........

    * This is for listening purposes only!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi guys, first of all I apologise for the quality of the mix, it was the first one I’ve ever done and although that is not an excuse the apology still stands, I will make sure future mixes are up to scratch, thank you all for the support you’ve given the mix, I had no idea it would have this many likes. I’m sorry this has taken so long, I didn’t think the mix would be anywhere near this popular, here is the track list:
    1. Dj Cleo – Wena ng'hamba nawe (0.00)
    2. Unknown artist – Ngiyakwazi (can be found House Therapy 4 album) (4.24)
    3. Dj Cleo – Nisho Njalo (7.21)
    4. Big Nuz – Udaddy Onemali (12.10)
    5. Big Nuz – Umlilo (16.04)
    6. Big Nuz – Stingray (18.37)
    7. Dj Oros ft Dj Tira & Mapopo – Masthandaaa (21.26)
    8. Sarafina – Safa Saphel Isizwe remix (26.05)
    9. Dj Call me – Dumelang Mokopane (31.06)
    10. Dj Young Chidzy – Ambulance (33.25)
    11. Bojo Mujo – Straight Forward (39.34)
    12. Louie Vega – Jezebel remix (42.42)

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