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Relax Now: Beautiful SEYCHELLES Del Mar Chillout and Lounge Mix

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    In order to battle these cold times, here's my latest Chillout mix with amazing images of the Seychelles! Enjoy and tell a friend!
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    00:00 In Credo - Siesta Del Sol (Laid Back Summer Cut)
    04:57 Skysurfer - Circling Elements (Down by the Sea Mix) [feat. Lovay]
    10:07 Cafe Americaine - Beachcruiser (Del Mar Mix)
    14:15 Phil Kinley - Miami Beach (Sea Mix)
    20:25 Moon Patrol - Water Child (Gaaanz entspannt Mix)
    25:14 Citrus Jam - Sea Waltz (Vintage Space Mix)
    30:42 Skyway - Jamo (Cooldown Mix)
    37:51 Cafe Americaine - Magical Mambo (Latin Lounge Cut)
    43:14 Deeparture - Summerbreeze (Bossa Mix)
    48:48 In Credo - Casa del Como (Lounge Mix)
    53:34 Pascal Dubois - Suntrip (The Beachdancer Slide)
    58:08 Cÿlido - El Calor (Patrick Marsh Chill Out Mix)
    01:03:47 The Man Behind C. - Como Aire Cristalino (Latin Mix)
    01:10:11 Cafe Americaine - Bring Back Silence (Cool and Lazy Afternoon Cut)
    01:14:58 Clublife - Funny Beach (Summer Chill Mix)
    01:21:12 Stereo Gringos - Chihuahua (Soccabeach Mix)
    01:26:03 Skysurfer - Eclipse of the Sun (Dreamwaver Mix)
    01:30:59 Cocogroove - Copa Dos Santos (Brazil Cut)
    01:36:57 Daddy Pete - Indian Summer (Laid Back Cut)
    01:42:42 Jason Tyrello - What the Memories Say (Sunfade Mix)
    01:48:23 Citrus Jam - Blues la Mer (Dreamwaves Mix)
    01:53:01 Paradise Blue - Ocean of Dreams (Dreamwave Mix)

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