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African Dances - from the Caribbean island Cuba!

  • Yusimi Moya Rodriguez, former dancer at the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba (the national folkloric ballet) demonstrating some of the most important african cuban dances that are still used in today's ceremonies on the island.
    Every one of them comes from another part of africa and came with the slave trade to the Carribean, where the traditional religions are still practised today. The music, dance and singing traditions from large parts of Africa can still be found in today's Cuban culture.
    The rhythms and dances are presented in the following order: Arará/Hebbioso, Vodú/Gagá, Congo/Palo and Lukumí/Güiro for Orisha Oyá.
    Watch out for her other videos on Cuban dance. Live percussion in this video by the "Grupo Enitilukikan" led by master percussionist Christian Martinek on the various solo drums.
    More information on www.cubancontemporary.com

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