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Serengeti - The Adventure (Full Documentary, HD)

  • The Serengeti, East Africa's eternal paradise, with its endless expanses and wild animals, makes one feel as though evokes a sense of having arrived in an apparently peaceful corner of the world.
    Nature filmmaker Reinhard Radke spent more than two years in the land of the Massai and captured breathtaking images. The documentary accompanies the animal filmmaker at work on his new cinema film "Serengeti" in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and illustrates the conditions and the difficulties that can arise when making animal films of this scope and the possibilities provided by state-of-the-art film technology.
    Particularly the unique, super slow motion footage
    enables zoologists to partake in new fields of research. On the other hand, modern technology is also susceptible to faults and can therefore also hinder the work of an animal filmmaker.
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