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Elephant Attacks Our Car - On African Safari [Exclusive Video]

  • Why does a 3,000 lb. Volkswagen get crushed like a grape in the African bush? Because a 12,000 lb. African Elephant decides to lay on top your car! You won't see this on Animal Planet. We were safe, but heck the car was toast. Even the engine block got a good squeeze.
    But, good thing Volkswagen makes a tough car.
    The encounter happened near the Limpopo river in the eastern province of South Africa. African elephants are the largest living terrestrial animals on earth and they are very intelligent and have complex social behaviors.
    Elephant skin is also tough and can be a thick as 1 inch. Plus, an elephant's tusks can reach up to 10 feet in length. Both males and females have tusks.
    Check out this amazing footage and the sheer power of the African Elephant as it casually decides to lay down on our car!
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