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CRAZIEST Beaches That Actually Exist!

  • Check out the most bizarre beaches around the world! From pink & blank sand to being covered in glass, this top 10 list of unique and weird beaches is amazing!
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    16.) Anjuna Beach, India
    Anjuna is famous for its trance parties and huge flea market. Even better, Anjuna Beach is more commonly known as Cow Beach and if you ever visit you will know why. Hundreds of cows gather on the sands of this beach and roam and lounge as freely and lazily as some of the tourists.
    15.) Genipabu Beach, Brazil
    Located in Natal, Brazil, Genipabu Beach is made up of large sand dunes reminiscent of something from the Middle East! There are many shifting sand dunes near a lagoon that change constantly because the hard winds in the Rio Grande do Norte coastline move the sand from one point to another, shaping the landscape.
    14.) 75 Mile Beach, Australia
    Probably named because someone decided to measure it, the 75-Mile Beach on Fraser Island, Australia is not only as long as the name says it is, but it is also unique because it is also coastal highway.
    13.) Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas
    Located on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is one of the most unique and naturally beautiful beaches in the world. It gets its name because the sand is actually pink!!
    12.) Glass Beach, California
    As the name suggests, this beach in Fort Bragg is is a beach full of glass. It is also a story of Mother Nature turning something ugly into something beautiful. From about 1906 until around 1967, Californians used the Fort Bragg shore as a dumping ground.
    11. Hoshizuna-no-hama, Japan
    Located on the northern tip of the remote Iriomote Island in Okinawa these beaches are one of the hidden wonders of the world! This beach is literally translated as Star Sand Beach because if you look closely at the sand on this beach, you will see that the sand is actually shaped like tiny little stars.
    10) Rabida Island, Ecuador
    When you are planning a tropical vacation, you probably imagine white, sandy beaches but after arriving on Rabida Island in the Galapagos, you’ll be surprised by the rich red color of the sand! Covered by a colony of sea lions you should probably watch them from a distance!!
    9.) Boulder Beach, Cape Town
    Not only is this beach protected by humongous granite boulders, but that’s not even the best part. If you go there to swim in the sheltered waters, you will be swimming next to a colony of African penguins!!
    8.) Chandipur Beach, India
    Now you see it, now you don’t! This beach literally disappears right before your very eyes. Twice a day, the water recedes about five miles, which gives you the opportunity to literally walk into the sea.
    7.) Gulpiyuri Beach, Spain
    While this might not seem like much, I mean it’s pretty tiny (only 40 m long), this is actually a beach formed in a flooded sinkhole. There’s a lot going on in that small space.
    6.) Hidden Beach, Mexico
    Located in the Marietas Islands in Mexico, this beach is a beautiful natural feature. It got its name because it is literally hidden inside a cave and has a massive hole in the roof which lets in the light.
    5.) Papakolea Beach, Hawaii
    So you’ve seen the pink sand, but did you know there was green sand too?? Papakolea Beach, located near South Point, in the Kau district of Hawaii, is one of the few green sand beaches in the world.
    4.) Punalu'u Beach, Hawaii
    The Punalu'u Beach in Hawaii is known as just Black Sand Beach because of its jet black sand. The beach is very popular not only because of the color of the sand but also because of the endangered animals like the Hawksbill turtle that you can see there.
    3.) Hot Water Beach, New Zealand
    This beach is filled with mineral water that heats to nearly 150 degrees undereneath the sand. For two hours at the beginning and end of low tide, visitors can dig holes in the ground and settle into their own natural hot tubs.
    2.) Bowling Ball Beach, California
    Also known as the mysterious round rocks of Schooner Gulch State Park, it is about three miles south of Point Arena. The beach is full these round, smooth orbs which are lined up like bowling balls at a bowling alley and similar in shape and size.
    1. Lego Beach
    This isn’t just one beach, but many beaches along the coast of Cornwall in the UK. A shipping container off the coast spilled 4.7 million pieces of toy Lego into the sea in 1997.
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