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    Just a few kilometres off the mainland of Guinea lies the beautiful island of Roume. This stunning place is said to have inspired the novel Treasure island…which makes total sense if you ask me, i mean just look if this island isn’t a treasure, i don’t know what is. Beautiful waves of the atlantic ocean, kids playing around,stunning beaches, amazing temperatures, delicious fruits and wonderful people.
    Seriously, I can’t get enough….wave after wave slowly drifting…ok i am gonna stop…
    The water is so clean and almost completely see through…ok this boat says welcome, I wonder what I need to do in order to get adopted to this amazing place?
    Time to explore another beautiful place in here in Guinea…there are so many beautiful places on this African west coast and they are so peaceful, safe and simply stunning. Quite the opposite of how they usually show Africa on TV, huh?
    This is Conakry, the capital and biggest city of Guinea. Approximately 1.6 Million people live in this city and more around 10 million in the whole country. Conakry which is located on the atlantic ocean serves as the economic, financial and cultural centre of Guinea…and what would african culture be without some delicious food?
    Traditional cuisine of Guinea includes fou, fou, fried plantains, boiled mango, pumpkin pie, sesame cookies, smoked fish and a lot of other vegetable, fish and chicken dishes…yummy, please excuse me while I eat everything.
    From five star cooking to five star hotels, this country is as versatile, multicultural and breathtaking as the continent its located in allowing you to constantly open your mind, eyes, heart and arms to everything and everyone around you…tropical vibes, poolside and ocean views, friendly and open people and beauty all around make west Africa and guinea a unique and gorgeous place to be…sunshine and smiles are guaranteed.
    The Republic of Guinea is located on the west coast of Africa and
    It is a mostly islamic country with muslims representing 85 of the population. Muslims and other religious people such a Christian live peacefully together. French is the official language of Guinea and the main language spoken in schools, government and the media. However, the country has more than twenty-four other indigenous languages.
    The country’s economy depends largely on agriculture and mineral production and it is the world’s second largest producer of bauxite. Guinea is also very rich in diamonds and gold. The country was at the core of the 2014 Ebola outbreak - thousands of people died of the disease in Guinea alone. Since then the disease has been contained and its safe to travel here.
    Africa is the richest continent in the world in terms of riches such as diamonds, gold, oil, landscape and so on, but it is also rich in potential, beauty, culture and kindness and i hope and pray that guinea and the whole african continent will soon be completely freed from its oppressors and able to rise up to its full potential…in the meantime I urge you to experience this unique and beautiful place yourself.

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