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Mt. Kilimanjaro Packing List

  • After having successfully summited Kili, below is my feedback:
    -Bring several dry/garbage bags that can at a minimum cover all your gear. When it rains, it rains and keeping stuff dry is key.
    -I was fine with the number of socks I brought, but if you are not used backpacking an extra pair or two could be nice. I would also suggest liners.
    -I would strongly recommend using a 0-degree sleeping bag. If you use a 15 degree bag, you will be cold.
    -I would recommend having 1-2 extra warm base layers. Wool is your friend. Don't bring cotton because it won't dry.
    -The one thing that I didn't mention is "in-camp" clothes. I would strongly recommend bringing 2 full sets of clothes to wear in camp so that your hiking clothes can dry out and you can warm up.
    -Bring snacks to eat during the day when you are on the trail.
    -Bring LOTs of extra snacks for summit day. The main reason people fail besides altitude issues, is not eating enough calories. Bring chocolate, snickers bars, and other bars that you will be able to eat if they freeze. Depending on the time of year, anything that can freeze will.
    -I would recommend using hiking poles

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