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Soukous Stars "Gozando" (1993)

  • From the "Gozando" (1993) CD. The leader of this musical group is Lokassa Ya Mbongo, a guitarist musician who in Barranquilla and Cartagena has been listened to and danced for more than forty years and has something like a score of hits well pasted in the music programming of the picós and in The dances of verbena. The most successful musical themes in our context, which are considered classics of the verbenera music, are the productions of the late 70's, with the orchestra: Africa Alls Stars, accompanied by singers like Sam Mangwana, Theo Blaise, among others. There are musical themes that still fill the dancefloor as "Zela Ngai nasala," better known in our midst with the appellation of "The Chariots," Another musical cut is "Zenaba," and that of the album called "Massy," Tremendous success, Bonne Anne whose piconema is "Blood of Christ." This stage would be, the most remote antecedent that we know of the outstanding band of the Soukous Star.
    In Barranquilla in the 80's, and now as La Soukous Stars, a musical theme was known that is very popular, because very often, it sounds in the popular radio stations, particularly in the specialized programs of this music , I refer to "Tantina," better known in the dance environment as "The Satan" and was played by singer Zitani Neil.
    According to the restless researcher on the subject: Sidney Reyes, when in our context, he was not clear yet, nor did he know who Lokassa and Mbongo were, some people who handled acetate discs, came to believe that Lokassa was a dwarf who was portrayed On the album cover Zouke Zouke, where Lokassa participated with his lead guitar, this success whose piconema is "The Dwarf" for obvious reasons. This dwarf was a dancer who always accompanied in his concert performances, the giant of African music: Pepe Kallé (QEPD). Another very successful musical theme for this artist, in which Lokassa accompanies him is "Moyibi"
    Following with the Soukous Stars of the 80, other musical themes appear that caused a great impact in the public verbenero champetúo, and that they became true dance classics. Emerging hits such as "Maria José," the only record that is known that is sung by the famous guitarist Lokassa Ya Mbongo. Another success is "Maria Teresa," and another record that was also sensation "Mónica."
    All this music, in its great majority, was made known by one of the most important systems of sounds of Barranquilla in the decade of 70 80. I am referring to the chop El Timbalero, considered like a musical insignia of this city. Many of these music themes were part of their exclusive and original programming in those days.
    At the end of the 80's and early 90's, when the Soukous Stars was already a well-known group in the musical medium picotero, we find other dance cuts of great reception, the beautiful melody called "Sofia," whose piconema Is the "No Ball." The onomatopoeic sound of the choir, in this song, was the reason for the application of this piconema.
    Lokassa Ya Mbongo, Ballou Canta and Shimita Diego formed the Soukous Stars with master guitarist Dally Kimoko in 1990 as an outgrowth of their experiences playing together in Les Quatre Etoiles in the 80s. This picture shows Shimita on the left and Nyboma on the right (and Chico Mowatu in the background?).
    Ever changing, the group is reorganizing again with Nyboma and Dally Kimoko no longer members. They remain the hottest dance band around, best known for a medley of covers of past hits in songs like "Lakes Nights" and "Ghana Success".
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    1.Safi (Shimita Likombi) (0:00)
    2.Sinovela (Manu Lima) (5:00)
    3.Likelele (Yondo Sister) (9:49)
    4.Tita (Ballou Canta) (14:59)
    5.Lok' Dance (Lokassa Ya M'Bongo) (20:31)
    6.Mara (Ballou Canta) (24:39)
    7.Daily Swing (Dally Kimoko) (29:37)
    8.I Yelele (Lokassa Ya M'Bongo) (35:26)
    9.Adois (Shimita Likombi) (39:58)
    10.Mobembo (Dally Kimoko) (44:34)
    11.Marcory Gazoil (Zitany Neil) (49:31)
    12.Tantina (Zitany Neil) (56:26)
    Vocals: Shimita Likombi, Yondo Sister, Wuta-Mayi, Awa Maiga, Ballou Canta, Assista Keita, Zitany Neil, Djeffard Lukombo, Pierre Belkos, Lovy
    Lead Guitarist: Dally Kimoko, Nene Tchakou, Philippe Saladin Ferreira, Yves Ndjock
    Rhythm Guitarist: Lokassa Ya M'Bongo
    Bassist: Ngouma Lokito, Miguel Yamba, Pablo Lubadika
    Drums: Djudjuchet Luvengoka, Awilo Longomba
    Programming Drums: Manu Lima, Michel Lortenz
    Trumpet: Eric Giausserand
    Trombone: Jacques Bolognesi
    Saxophone: Alain Hatot
    Keyboards: Manu Lima, Philippe Guez
    Percussion: Mavungu Malanda
    Animation: Shimita Likombi, Pierre Belkos, Sanou Mbaye, Fode Baro, Zitany Neil
    Arrangements: Lokassa Ya M'Bongo
    Studio: Harryson (Paris)
    Mixed By: Pierre Alexandari, Jojo, F. Coyault, P. Bodin
    Assistant: Peter
    Photos: Karim Boye Dakar
    Production: Syllart Productions (Before "Sangonini", "Okominoloko", "Sans Commentaire" 1993)

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