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4 Etoiles/Les Quatre Etoiles: Zairean Stars in the Show (1989: Soukous! )

  • Congolese soukous group, Four Star (4 Stars or 4 Stars) had for members of prestigious authors, composers, guitarists and performers: Nyboma Mwan 'Dido, Syran Mbenza, Wuta Mayi and Bopol Mansiamina. Four Stars separates in 1996 and regrouped as Kekele without the addition of Bopol Mansiamina. Each individual member has had successful careers through bands, sessions, and solo albums. #Soukous #Congo #4Etoiles #African #WorldMusic
    Tracks consists of Zairean Stars Show in the US which is a medley of Kouame (Syran M'Benza), Helena (Bopol), Ayant Droit (Wuta Mayi), and Zouzou (Syran),; Djina (Bopol), and Dovi Dina (Syran). This is for entertainment purposes only, if you want a physical copy, you can attain it here (www.discogs.com/Quatre-Etoiles-Four-Stars/release/2463656)
    Tracklist: Zairean Stars in the U.S., Djina, and Dovi Dina
    Vocals: Wuta Mayi, Komba Bellow, Syran M'Benza
    Solo Guitarist: Syran M'Benza
    Rhythm Guitar and Bass: Bopol Mansiamina
    Drums/Percussion/Atalaku: Komba Bellow

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