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Irrestible African Soukous of the 1980's Mix Volume 1 - Classic Musique Africaine - World Music

  • Gathered a mixture of pleasant Soukous from the 1980's featuring artists from the DRC (then Zaire), Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire, and Guinea Bissau. Tracklist consists of Shimita - Amidjo (Amidjo, 1988), Les Diablotins - Mawela (Les Diablotins a Paris Vol.5, 1983), Sidonio Pais - N’bin na pa no djumbai (Sidó, 1981) and T.P. Audiorama - Mariage (LP? 1984).
    Vocals: Shimita El Diego, Luciana Demingongo
    Guitars: Rigo Star Bamundele
    Bassist: Pablo Lubadika
    Drums/Percussion: Abro
    Sidonio Pais
    Vocals: Sidonio Pais, Miguel Yamba, Manu Mpouma
    Solo Guitarist: Manu Mpouma
    Rhythm Guitarists: Sidonio Pais, Manu Mpouma
    Bassist: Miguel Yamba
    Drums/Percussion: Domingo Salsero (RIP)
    Synth: Fabien Collela
    Les Diablotins
    Vocals: Malao Henecy, Eboa Efferol, Donatien Issingou, Pires Likombe
    Solo Guitar: Mariano Mbouma
    Mi-solo Guitar: Dieudonne Dimouamoua Ibaba
    Rhythm Guitar: Manitou Mavoungou
    Bassist: Pablo Paul Madouma
    Drums: Dacky's Mbadinga
    Tumba: Tintin Koumba
    Percussions: Tintin Koumba, Eboa Efferol, Akoume Georgettem Dacky's Mbadinga
    Sax: Buffalo Kmwanga, J.C. Boutoto, Johnny Paulo Essono Zue, Jean Claire Auban
    T.P. Audiorama
    Can't find credits, but the lead singer was the late Joelle Seka. She was related to internationally known chanteuse Monique Seka and vocalist Okoi Seka Athanase.

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