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Ryco Jazz/Soukous Stars: Medley/Batoboli (1993)

  • Ry-Co Jazz was a group of Congolese rumba originated in the Republic of Congo (Congo - Brazzaville), founded by a man named Henry Bowane in 1958.
    The group imported in 1966, Congolese rumba in the Caribbean, in the form of tumbélé, combining driving beat and syncopated dance, which was highly acclaimed by the public Martinique and Guadeloupe. His influence has greatly contributed to the evolution of the Music of Martinique, before passing by the Haitian compas, step in the evolution of popular music from Martinique to zouk today.
    The group takes its name from the contraction of "Congolese rhythms" which gives Ry-Co Jazz.
    From 1960 to 1964 the band performed in Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Gambia. He will reside in Dakar (Senegal) where he recorded a disc under the Parisian label Vogue.
    In 1964, the Ry-Co Jazz arrived in Paris where they occur many times.
    In 1966, they go to the West Indies and play in Martinique, in a bar called "The Bantu", run by a Congolese. Following the success of their performance, they sign a one-year contract to play for the hotel "Bakoua" of Martinique. Guadeloupean producer, Henri Debs, invites them in his studio, Guadeloupe, to record an album. They will be touring in Puerto Rico, Grenada, Barbados, Guyana, the last tour Venezuela.Leur held in Algeria with Manu Dibango .
    In 1971, back in Paris, the group split, each musician from pursuing careers in other formations.
    Vocals: Freddy N'kounkou, Shimita El Diego, Ballou Canta, Jean Serge Essous, Jerry Malekani
    Lead Guitarist: Jerry Malekani (RIP)
    Rhythm Guitarist: Lokassa Ya M'Bongo
    Bassist: Ngouma Lokito
    Sax: Jean Serge Essous (RIP), Manu Dibango,
    Percussion: Jerry Malekani
    Programmed Drums: Ernest Mvouama

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