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Who are the MAURITIANS? (People of Mauritius)

  • Did you know that Mauritius is the only country in Africa with Hinduism as the main religion (52%)? Moreover, did you know that nearly everyone here can speak a minimum of 3 languages FLUENTLY?
    The humble people of Mauritius, all 1.2 million of them, are as diverse as I've seen in any single country. And that's because there is no indigenous population here -- every Mauritian today is a descendant from immigrants who came here centuries ago, mostly from India, France, Great Britain, East Africa (Madagascar) and China.
    As a result, Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures, foods, religions, languages and ideas -- which is extra special for me because I love to dig deep into the local life! In today's video, see what I have discovered about the beautiful people of Mauritius.
    I can't wait to explore more about this lovely island! Have you ever been here before? It's extremely underrated!
    Special Thanks to Mauritius Tourism for inviting us, and to Solana Beach Mauritius for hosting us!
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