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Illеgally Entering North Korea (2018 Documentary)

  • Just 20 Years Old I Enter North Korea to Document The Danger. I manAged to interact with locals, take mass amounts of video and photographs and get them out of the country.
    This happened during December 2016 and January 2017. This documentary about the travel industry in North Korea has been over 1 year in the making.
    I was inspired to do this because of FunForLouis VLods in North Korea made the country appear safe to travel to and film in. His vlogs were very misleading. The filming I did raised the attention of my North Korean tour guides.
    At one point one of the Chinese tour guides reported to me that the North Korean guides had said "We aren't sure if we can trust him not to make anti-North Korean Propaganda" he warned me to delete any negative photos/video and restrict the number of videos/photos I'm taking.
    At one point in the Yanggakdo Hotel I wanted to use the swimming pool. The North Korean receptionist informed me that she needed to hold my camera for 'safe keeping'. I found this suspicious so I gave her the camera and walked around the corner and silently counted to 20. Then I returned and saw she was going through the footage on my camera. A total violation of privacy (you have none in North Korea) What's worse the video she was watching was one of me in a bathroom complaining about having no privacy in the hotel.
    The next morning I found out the receptionist had alerted hotel security who then alerted the North Korean tour guides. I was then forced to delete the footage.
    Although I AM NOT A JOURNALIST, I'm just a kid with a camera; I'm sure they suspected me of being a journalist and I was very close to being arrested by North Korean authorities for entering on a tourist visa rather than a journalist visa.
    North Korea arrests a very high ratio of Americans for often no reason at all. American prisoners are then used as political pawns for diplomacy (North Korea releases prisoners in trades with the United States)
    Arrests of Americans has become such a problem that the United States as of 2017 has a total ban on tourism to North Korea
    Please do not travel to North Korea, regardless of your nationality this country is dangerous and has a track record of mistreatment of foreigners. I wholeheartedly regret going here, it was absolutely not worth it.
    The faces of non-North Koreans have been blurred because of threats I received from tourists in the video. Blurring of faces also complies with YouTube's privacy guidelines.
    The contract I signed in China is only valid under the jurisdiction of Hong-Kong and not the rest of the world and holds no weight internationally.
    Most of my Fans follow me on Twitter & Instagram. @Vexxedb4c A lot of awesome stuff happens behind the scenes that so many more people need to see.
    Twitter: twitter.com/vexxedb4c
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    Reddit: For discussion and comments that I will be able to read and respond to in-depth www.reddit.com/r/Vexxed/

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