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3 Sega Legends from Mauritius In Sydney - Serge Lebrasse, Jean Claude & Roger Clency

  • Three Sega Kings - Serge Lebrasse, Jean Claude Gaspard and Roger Clency from Mauritius sharing the same stage in Sydney at St. Mary's Band Club. 19th Nov 2011.
    A night we will all remember, "TAMTAM NOSTALZI" a unique and emotional sega show performed by three mauritian Legends of the 50's and 60's exhibiting feelings of nostalgia in a Sydney club, not far from where another Sega Guru - France Jemon resides.
    The show has been rated as being the best oversea's sega performance in Sydney.
    Sydney Management: Jacky Collen
    Eddy Heerah - backing vocals
    Sego Lebrasse - drums & backing vocals
    Gerard Brasse - guitar
    John Delord - keys
    Thierry No - Keys
    Damien Banzigou - bass
    Dancers: Sega Down Under Dance Group
    Aniele Deojee (choreographer)
    Krystal Monty
    Melissa Typhis
    Jean-Daniel Phaesie
    Asher Field
    Special Guest: Roxane Lebrasse
    Audio: Direct Recording - Guy Saminaden
    Apology for the poor video quality

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