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Jordan Hollywood - FINALLY

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    {Verse 1}
    Everybody eatin’ like it’s catered
    Four in the baby like my bitch in labor
    If I put you on you turn your back on me then you a traitor
    Everytime I get a check, I hit my knees and say a prayer
    Like I’m gettin money
    Smokin’ under pressure
    You don’t burn gas like a motherfuckin Tesla
    Those ain’t diamonds, someone get a diamond tester
    Yeah, look at your rings boy they faker than a restore
    I ain’t drop a song all year, look at this money that’s impressive
    Gotta keep the pistol by my side bitch I’m obsessive
    OK, that’s your bitch I hit and run, she need progressive
    We don’t do no typin
    We find out addresses
    We just starting wars
    We don’t have remorse
    We just go onstage and call out names just like awards
    I got suicide doors
    Now my car look like a corpse
    My Glocks got extensions like motherfuckin cors
    This shit is real life can’t build no motherfuckin forest
    Keep thinkin shit sweet like the penthouse floor
    I just cop them pounds and break them up like a divorce
    I got that firework like this the motherfuckin Fourth
    I’m ballin like I’m standing on a court full of dwarfs
    And when it come to my money don’t be motherfuckin short
    I pass the bitch, she yours
    I’m ballin check the scores
    I came up off the rebound, that’s assist points and boards
    I’m right but you don’t understand me like this shit ain’t legible
    The way these artists spitting nowadays just ain’t acceptable
    Maybe I’m too technical
    Or maybe they should throw you out the game just like two technicals
    Young Hollywood, incredible
    That’s facts
    (What up)
    I’m strapped
    (What up)
    Don’t lack me
    Yeah don’t ask
    {Verse 2}
    Got the game on lock I finally changed the combination
    Told her “ride this dick”, she did it like it’s transportation
    I came up from nothin, rags to riches, transformation
    Was sleeping on me for a minute call that hibernation
    I stopped sipping codeine, but sometimes get a temptation
    Tryna join the game where there’s rules and regulations
    Boy you said trippin where you get your information
    And cut your life short like it's an abbreviation
    On my way to the top, that’s my destination
    Got a lot of work and I don’t mean no occupation
    People tryna sue me, I could show your ass the statements
    If I beat an artists ass, then that’s a motherfuckin placement
    Try me or my dogs and guns get drawn like illustrations
    Been trippin for awhile that’s a long vacation
    Hollywood Baby, and Broward County Raised
    And God told me be patient
    Stay down till you come up finally made it
    Doin this forever old hunnids boy they ancient
    Solid foundation
    Boy this shit amazing
    And I'm so motherfuckin thankful
    QC the label, they put a million on the table
    Music video by Jordan Hollywood performing FINALLY. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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