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Vioja Mahakamani -Chrismas Voucher

  • Vioja Mahakamani Chrismas Voucher, The kinds of gifts employers can give to his employees during the holiday season, from the traditional Christmas card to a more lavish frozen chicken, are limited only by their imagination.
    And whether this generosity on the employer’s part is a new or solidly entrenched in company tradition, can the employer randomly decide one year to be less generous?
    In a non-unionized context, generally speaking, a Christmas present from an employer is seen as a gesture of gratitude, offered on a discretionary basis, without engendering any obligation on the part of the employer.
    Arbitral case law is however divided on the question of whether a Christmas gift constitutes a condition of employment and may be protected by a vested-rights clause in the collective agreement.
    By way of illustration, in the matter of Société des alcools du Québec1, the grievance contesting the employer’s decision to no longer give out Christmas gifts was dismissed. The arbitrator concluded that the employer’s, in this colourful court yard, ondieki nyuka quota finds him self troubled by few employees who feel the kind Christmas token given to them is wanting

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