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A South African commercials director directs the latest viral Skrillex music video

  • Terence Neale of Egg Films reveals how he got onto the project and his involvement in the music video for the Skrillex track 'Ragga Bomb'.
    After seeing two music videos co-directed by Neale and Ninja from Die Antwoord, Skrillex's record company got in touch with Neale and asked him to come up with a treatment for 'Ragga Bomb'.
    Something 'Dark and Dancey'
    The brief was to create something 'dark and dancey' explains Neale. After he submitted his treatment, the record company's only request was that the theme of Youth be further enhanced in the video. The video was shot in Johannesburg's Alexander, CBD, and Hillbrow.
    An Idea that was much bigger than the budget
    No project rolls out without its fair share of challenges, the biggest one for Neale and co. being that "the idea was much bigger than the budget." Fortunately however, people were really excited about the project, and as such suppliers came to the party and "...helped out where they could," says Neale.
    Neale describes the track as having a rawness and an aggressive energy, and comments that it was important for the dancers and choreography to match the energy of the track. The casting process was a lengthy one, and the focus was on dancing with a South African feel. "The dancers (the group Shakers and Movers) that were finally cast had a real raw and aggressive energy about them, and so they worked well with the track," explains Neale. Since shooting the music video, one of the dancers was diagnosed with Cancer, and although responding well to treatment, funds are needed to continue treatment. The facebook page Dancing For Prince (www.facebook.com/dancingforprince) lists different ways that people can help.
    International -- and local -- love for the video
    Commenting on the international recognition achieved, Neale says "... Skrillex has such a huge fan base, I always knew the video would be big, but we never expected the impact that it would make here in South Africa. There is so much that South Africa has to offer and to show the world and it was really amazing to be given the opportunity to do that."

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