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Low Profile - Apathetic Means (South African Song / Music Video)

  • They've toured South Africa across four provinces, played to thousands at major festivals and opened for the likes of SUM41. 2012 was a productive year for Lowprofile, what with the launch of their new album, two music videos, TV appearances, print and radio interviews, shows, and a signature skateboard through Gunslinger Longboards. Forging ahead in 2013, the band have just released a new music video for the song "Apathetic Means" which was seen over 4400 times in it's first week of being published on youtube.com and averaging 900 views a day at present.
    Since they formed in 2003, Lowprofile have citied Chicago Hardcore Punk band Rise Against as a key influence and on 15 March, they will open exclusively for their heroes as well as two other international bands at Ramfest Durban before a tour to Joburg the following day for the full Ramfest event.
    This will be the biggest highlight of Lowprofile's career, playing to thousands of new ears and in the same category as three international bands with a combined fanbase of 7 000 000+ Beginning with Talk to Strangers (2005), Lowprofile's catalogue reflects a strong commitment to the search for a perfect meld of 90's skatepunk and metal that has outlasted a decade of various they're-in-they're-out musical genres.
    Their latest album A Vulgar Display of Powerchords, is a personal tour de force three years in the making and features twelve brand new songs produced by Redfive Studios in Finland. Packaged in artwork by legendary US skate artist Jimbo Phillips, A Vulgar Display of Powerchords takes a monumental step forward for both the band and South African punk music in general.
    The album launch on 26 May 2012 drew a crowd of over 400 people in a venue with a capacity of 250 and cemented
    Lowprofile's status as a band able to perform punk music for a mostly non-punk crowd. The band have also released three official music videos, several singles and have appeared in all forms of media both locally and internationally as far as Canada and Poland.
    About the Video:
    Apathetic Means is the third official music video from Lowprofile.
    Taken from the album "A Vulgar Display Of Powerchords" (2012)
    Directed by Luke Mason, winner of Interpret Durban 2012's Best Film Award and filmed by DOP Jimmy Reynolds, Apathetic Means stars Catharine Nolan as a girl on a quest to discover what's at the other end of the mysterious red cable that was plugged into her VCR, interrupting her planned lazy Sunday in, with transmissions of a band performance in a derelict house that seems to be for an audience of one - herself.
    Her journey takes her through a variety of surreal scenes - upmarket businessmen getting pantsula haircuts, suntanning street children, orthodox muslim skateboarding - all seen through a lens with a deep love for the city of Durban.
    Disclaimer: Africori in no way owns this video, but we have written permission from its owner to promote it how we wish.
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