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Sky Richards - Roller Coaster Ride

  • Who is Sky Richards
    Hi to you all first of all thanks for checking my channel, i assure you it won’t be a waste of your time. I wanted to tell you who the hell i Am and why i will be helpful in your life. I am a man who believes in the good for all, that has taken years to understand why we fail, what the reasons are, and what we need to do to make sure we do not attract or live a negative life, and in some cases not even know we are doing so. Many wake up on auto pilot hoping wishing praying for something good to happen to them . Or as we say be lucky. What I have realised is that we are all lucky, we have been taught to believe that life is about good and bad luck. This is not true, we all are created with the same Mental and subconscious powers, its how they are used which creates success or not success.
    I looked into this even more, and studied with some of the greatest Spiritual and successful minds of our time and even spent 6 months at a Buddha temple to understand why we fail what’s the missing link and what needs to be done to make sure we all stay on the right line . The god given line that creates fulfilment in our lives, whatever that would be for us. I took this information and put it to practice helping many around the world get free from their own created mistakes not realising they had created it themselves. Read true testimonials from those that have benefited and see why this powerful concept has changed so many lives.I now wish to bring the concept and answer for a fulfilling life to a larger audience hence me now being on You tube. I from a early age started singing and wanted to bring my music to you the audience with a message attached. My artist side is just to get your attention so you know what i'm all about and what my true interest is. Its not being a artist per say but bringing a message through my music to you .The first single from the Album is called Roller Coaster ride . Message “never take love for granted”. check the video out on this channel, I appreciate your comments.
    In short we have been dictated to we have been told what we should do how we should think not giving time to who we really are. You are amazing and you don’t even know it, you think life is about good and bad luck you are so wrong. I will show you how to get all you wanted how to find the love you want and how to get the money you need whenever you need it. I have created a company I AM Industries inc www.iamindustries.net go check the link see what you think. I am have guides that will stay with you until your successful who will guide you, the most powerful affirmation that can change your life in weeks, The Skyline Bracelet the only bracelet ever created that kills the feelings of anxiety negativity worry depression when wearing it for only 10 minutes , and gives you the most powerful spiritual protection.To know more go to www.Skyline.com
    am a singer songwriter artist yes but i wish to bring a powerful message in all i do, Its not about me, its not about filling my ego its all about you making sure you get what you want in life that’s where I’m coming from. The way I see it, is the more i help you and make sure you make it the more i am helping myself. This is my destiny this is my road i must stay on . I feel awe have had enough of being dictated to and not shown are true power its time now to know the truth of who we are and what we can truly do and live a life thats right for us that we deserve. struggle pain unhappiness was not GODs plan in any way and its time we take back our true power and start to embrace our constant luck. Let me show you how.

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