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YOU - Arthur ( Official Music Video ) [ Venice Riddim ] ' 2019 St Lucia Soca '

  • Situated in North East Italy comprising of over 118 small islands separated by canals and bridges, Venice is a source of inspiration for authors, playwrights, poets, architecture, music and culture. Venice also home to a vibrant carnival, featuring world class music and elaborate costumes! Known as one of the cities of romance, Venice is the place where persons fall in and out of love at the soul of not just normal daily life but in the life of the masquerade.
    At the 2019 Venice Carnival celebrations, five-time Groovy King Arthur Allain is amazed at the sight of a beautiful woman, adorned in vibrant colours and a volto mask, concealing but revealing her true beauty. Mesmerized by her movements, he is caught in her trance, chanting “YOU” got de ting to control me!
    Caught up in the moment, King Arthur makes a mistake by taking his talents to other females in the masquerade. He tries to rekindle that whine with Keytinna; however, she pushes him away informing him that tonight he is on his own ‘cuz she is “BIG WOMAN!”
    In the noise of it all, the Mas lives on as singer Danielle Dubois tries to lighten up the mood in the room with “Carnival Soul”; a wonderful, powerful, moving art! She brings the mas to a close in true masquerade style as her powerful vocals takes the crowd across the waters to their homes on a high!
    Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and let Fast Forward Music Entertainment take you on a trip to the city of Venice! Feel the love, feel the pain, feel the excitement!
    Written by Elijah “Arthur” Allain
    Recorded by Elijah “Arthur” Allain at Major Records
    Background Vocals by Jesmara Nelson
    Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Denny
    Production Management by Dramacan
    Directed by Presh Productions
    ISRC: TCAEG1946891
    Follow Arthur:
    Facebook: Arthur Allain
    Instagram: @arthurallain758
    Website: www.arthurallain758.com
    Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/arthur-evalucian
    Riddim Produced by Chadd “Dr. Vicks” Simon and Gareth S. Jules of Fast Forward Music Entertainment

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