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JAPAN SOCA MUSIC VIDEO 2013 [The Legend Party-by Romie]

  • I am personally a huge fan of any nation that takes the Trinidadian culture to heart. Over the years, Japan has been showing an increased interest in Soca music and they basically pull it off every time! Enjoy the video and remember to SUBSCRIBE NAH!
    Executive Producer: Hemo from LIME Records
    Director: Atsuko Tanaka(www.atsukotanaka.com)
    Camera: Takaki Nakadai(Verandahstudio.com), Kouichi Takagi and Atsuko Tanaka
    Camera Assistant: Yuki Shinoda
    Edit: Yui Aoki
    Music produce: Hemo from Lime Records & Madmen Production
    Hair and Make-up: Mari Kaneko and Yuu
    Styling: Romie and Sami Clothing
    Cast: Rina Kosumi, Masahi Igarashi, Maria and friends
    Romie's backup dancers: Chie(ないと☆な〜す) and Chika(Queen Bee)
    Special Thanks: club axxcis(www.axxcis.net), ROL(Rhythm Of Life), Escape Inc., Chieko Beauty, Micky Rich, Corn Head, いちむじん, Raggy, Jaken aka Corn Bread, Kiki Cnaval, akihito, Bacchanal Gyals, Mari(club axxcis), Morikawa(club axxcis), Sumix, Asa and more special dancers!!
    『The Legend Party / Romie』 (Digital Distribute )
    iTunes: bit.ly/Wsb7P9
    Recocyoku :recochoku.com/romie/
    Reggae Zion : スマホ& iPhone- bit.ly/11SjeYu 着うたフル-bit.ly/VBl5NV

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