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Nightspring - Surrender (Official Music Video)

  • #brisbanealtrock #brisbanepoppunk
    Produced by Nightspring
    Mixed and Mastered by Myles Vele
    Video Production and Editing by Adrian Anthony Eyre
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    Needing to get away this time
    'Cause you’re dragging me under, dragging me under
    Taking for granted’s in your design
    'Cause you’re dragging me under, dragging me under
    Your heart’s like a stolen kiss
    And it’s pulling me away
    (Woah oh oh)
    Your love is so temperamental
    Like the light on a cloudy day
    Memories of your surrender
    A chilled sensation; I know
    (And don’t say)
    That I’ll be fine
    I can’t escape the empty words in my head
    And there’s nothing unsaid
    But I’m falling for it
    I can’t find a way to safely compromise
    You drive the words into my ears and blind my eyes
    I’m becoming your lies
    When everything showed promise
    You took my story and bought it
    But threw our future away and said to let it go
    Alleged first-line protection
    You dragged cold feet to the fence and had the nerve to let us go
    Step back and just let me breathe

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