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Davy Denke - Leaving (Official Music Video)

  • Davy Denke's debut single 'Leaving' from his upcoming 'Leaving EP' is out now! Leaving is a song about his departure from France to live in the USA - Lyrics below.
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    Filming Credits:
    -Director | Editor: Jon Fraser
    -Starring: Davy Denke & Pauline Beroud
    -Production Company: ARORA Studios
    -Casting | Assistant: Anna Colina
    Music Credits:
    -Written by: Davy Denke,
    -Production: Davy Denke, TheArtist, Darren Carikas
    -Mixing: Darren Carikas
    Special Thanks to:
    -Thawi, Aurelio,, Charles, Ingrid, Leo.
    -To M & W (RIP).
    -Javid Aslanov and all the friend and people who supported this project.
    Leaving Lyrics
    Leaving, is a matter of perspective,
    To me I'm the one staying true to myself
    Moving, has become my sole objective
    You glanced from afar when I needed your help
    Don’t pretend you’re offended,
    Don’t you dare to get carried away,
    Don’t withstand you were cheated
    Cause you led me astray, so I’m leaving my way
    Lady, I ain’t raising your flag
    Cause you raised me to drop the principles I had
    Crazy, that’s what you think I am
    But the heights that I chase, you’ll never comprehend
    How many times in a row?
    How many times should I let you know?
    All of the ways that you let me down,
    I'm leaving you shores and I’m leaving your towns
    Chorus x 2
    At the airport again, home is where the heart is and mine is away
    At the airport again, I want you to know that you'll regret this day
    Cause I'm leaving...

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