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South Africa | A Dancing Nation

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    South Africa is well known for its Variety of dances.
    The popularised dance called the ‘vosho’ can be described as a South African dance that involves squatting and kicking at the same time.
    The dance move has evolved into the ‘head vosho’, where instead of squatting and kicking you extend your arms and you lean your head forward to the rhythm
    Gwara Gwara Dance
    The Gwara Gwara Dance was made popular by South African dance music artist, DJ Bongz, with the introduction of his hit single “Ofana Nawe,” featuring Sobz.
    The dance went viral after DJ Bongz posted tutorials of how to do the dance on his social media streams, and has been featured in the videos of some of the country’s biggest hits, including “Wololo” by Babes Wodumo and “Gobisiqolo” by Bhizer. Gwara Gwara dance has become one of the most popular dance styles in Africa.
    How do you do the gwara gwara dance?
    Start with your feet shoulder-length apart. You arms can be down at your side for now. ...
    Lift your right foot off the ground. ...
    Pull your knee inwards as your foot hits the ground. ...
    Swing your arm inwards as your foot hits the ground. ...
    Lift your elbow out as your hand comes in.
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