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I'm burning up- Yvonne Chaka Chaka, South African music

  • I'm burning up, by Yvonne Chaka Chaka
    I'm burning up Song Lyrics:
    I waited long, day after day
    For love to come my way
    My eyes is looking, my heart's desire
    A very special man (3x)
    I'm burning up (2x)
    My heart's on fire
    I'm burning up, I'm burning
    I'm burning up
    And when he gets here, strong and sincere
    With stars in his eyes
    And the way he talks
    Holds me when I fall
    He'll be my special man (3x)
    Repeat Chorus 3x
    Conversation - phone ringing
    Man: Fire station
    Officer Stones speaking
    Woman: Help, help, I'm on fire
    I'm on fire
    Man: Be cool, honey
    What's your address, where you at
    Woman: Number 1, 22nd Street
    Man: We are on our way
    We're gonna put out that fire
    Take it easy, relax
    We are on our way to rescue you
    Woman: Hurry, hurry, help me, I'm burning up
    Repeat Chorus 2x
    I'm waiting for a knock on my door
    From a special man
    I close my eyes, I see paradise
    Yes, I am ready for love
    Are you ready (Yes/yea I'm ready for love) (2x)
    Repeat Chorus till fade
    Yvonne Chaka Chaka, born Yvonne Machaka in 1965, in Dobsonville, Soweto. South Africa. She's one of the first South African artists to break through to the international stage, and was dubbed the "Princess of Africa."
    Working with producer Sello "Chicco" Twala, she followed her 1984 hit debut single, "I'm In Love With a D.J.," and other gold and platinum hits.
    Her major hits include:
    *. I'm Burning Up
    *. I'm in Love With a DJ
    *. I'm Winning (My Dear Love)
    *. Umqombothi (African beer)
    *. Mama land (Motherland)
    *. I Cry for Freedom
    *. Thank You Mr. DJ
    *. Caught Breaking the Law
    *. Second Hand Love
    *. Take My Love It's Free
    *. Let Him Go
    *. From Me to You
    *. Who's Got the Power
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