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Wicked Penman - Real Warriors JAM (Reggae Music Video) // Written Mirror

  • ♚Real Warriors JAM is the story of anyone who perseveres in the face of #hardship. This JAM is for you and all the Real #Warriors out there. Written in an optimistic style, performed over a traditional sounding roots rocking #reggae beat and recorded in Brixton.
    ♚Real Warriors JAM is bound to make you dance, laugh and think simultaneously about how to get through the challenges you currently face....
    ♚Written, recorded and produced by Jay 'Wicked Penman' Mullings as well as Shot (4K), Edited and Produced (Video) for Written Mirror Ltd.
    ♚Real Warriors JAM is in loving memory of Peter Mullings Jr AKA PJ who bravely fought a rare form of child cancer for the majority of his short life. May his warrior spirit continue to strengthen Father Peter, Mother Karlene and Uncle Sakima 'Mr Smooth' Mullings who has been bravely fighting his own health related issues.
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