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Signal Band - 10:1 [Music Video] | Soca 2019

  • There are attractive women everywhere! In all fete's, all carnivals, EVERYWHERE! Abundance mentality is the name given to the feeling, the belief, that a man has abundant options with women: Anwar is blaming all actions this carnival on the ratio of 10 gyal to 1 man | 10:1.
    Performed by: Anwar "Wawa" Cadette
    Written by: Sheldon Alfred & Anwar Cadette
    Arranged, produced and mixed by: Dernel Green and Signal Band
    Bass and rhythm guitars by: Giovannie Green
    Background vocals by: Shanika Walsh, Sheldon Alfred, Anwar Cadette
    Mastered by: Cornell Phillip, Imperial Publishing
    Video shot and edited by: Darren Green, Dillon Green
    Executive Producer: Signal Band

    Category : Soca Videos


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