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Alogte Oho & His Sounds Of Joy - Mam Yinne Wa (Official Video)

  • Get the full album: alogteohoandhissoundsofjoy.bandcamp.com/album/mam-yinne-wa-2
    Or the single release: alogteohoandhissoundsofjoy.bandcamp.com/album/mam-yinne-wa
    Mam Yinne Wa is also included here: philophon.bandcamp.com/album/bittesch-n-philophon-vol-l
    Mam Yinne Wa - Lord (Yinne), You Love Me So
    Repeating choir:
    Lord, You love me so,
    Really, really You love me so.
    That's why I'm still alive.
    Verses in-between:
    1. You keep all problems away from me, my Lord
    2. You save me from suffering, my Lord
    3. You bring me back into life, my Lord
    4. You protect me from death, my Lord
    Solo part
    5. Ahhhhh
    5. You protect me from sickness
    Prayer in the end:
    Let’s thank God
    For His love and kindness
    He has sent His son to die for us
    Halleluja, amen!
    "After I had locally released my first album, I had a serious accident which I barely survived. Being forced to stay at the hospital for weeks, but being thankful to have survived, I composed Mam Yinne Wa. After I had totally recovered, it took me six month, I went straight into the studio and recorded the song. As it was released the people loved it so much that suddenly I found myself among the top gospel singers and people even say I reached the top of them all. My second album hit No.1. Now thousands of my people come to see my shows. That accident changed my life, because I wrote Mam Yinne Wa to thank Yinne that I survived and now that song is heard all over the world. Thank You Yinne!" - Alogte Oho
    For requests please write to: philo@philophon.com

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