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  • IPI NTOMBI the amazing South African musical, full-length!
    Here it is for fair use. No copyright infringement intended.
    A 2016 upload here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tH75rIpn1Q
    A co-production of Clive Morris Productions & Connecticut Public Television. Copyright Alnal Investments (pty) Ltd 1997.
    You may like to read this : soulsafari.wordpress.com/2013/06/10/eureka-tribute-to-bertha-egnos/
    A revival in preparation: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2qn97_FSak
    Director/Music - Bertha Egnos (1912-2003)
    Book & Lyrics by her daughters - Gail (1942-2010) and Lucille Lakier
    Lucille Lakier Smith is director at Songe Music Productions Ltd, Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Main cast members :
    Bride - Linda Sebezo
    Groom - Mfana "Jones" Hlophe
    Gospel lead singer - Velaphi Mnisi
    Singer in "Mother Mary" (25:28) - Stella Magaba
    Father/chief & company manager - Ken Gampu
    The Mama - Sophie Mgcina-Davids
    Priest - Joe Motsamai
    Female singer in "Moriva" (6:08) & traditional choreographer - Todd Twala
    Male lead dancer & traditional dances choreographer - S'bu Ngema
    Todd Twala was later co-founder of UMOJA.
    @ 2:47 The venerable lady in the front row looks quite like Bertha Egnos. ;-)
    THE WARRIOR (1:22:54) - Lyrics
    Hosa Hosa Ho [x2]
    As night fades out faded by the sun
    Ten thousand men stand high on the hill
    A loud silence and the earth is still
    Ten thousand men tremble for the kill
    A vulture flies the wind that cries
    A warrior dies at the battle of blood
    The scavengers wait each man their fate
    Death his mate at the battle of blood
    Hosa Hosa Ho [x5]
    Ipi indoda
    Maidens sitting, sitting on their own
    Each one thinking who is coming home
    The spear flashes, screaming fills the air
    Each one shivers in her heart is fear
    Hosa Hosa Ho [x5]
    Ipi indoda
    The fight is over and the battle's won
    The fight is over and the deed is done
    The fight is over but which side has won
    The fight is over or has it just begun

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