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  • Road trip from stone town to kendwa : Kendwa is a village on the Tanzanian island of Unguja, part of Zanzibar. It is located in the far north of the island, on the west coast overlooking the nearby small Daloni Island and the larger and more distant Tumbatu Island.
    Kendwa is about 3 km from Nungwi, an easy walk along the beach during low tide, but impossible at high tide. The only option is a schlepp along back roads, hard going on the rocky roads, or a boat trip at a steep $20 per trip. One could perhaps walk to Nungwi at low tide and take the sunset cruise from there and ask to be dropped off at Kendwa.
    The 2 km connecting road from the main route to the north was re-graded in 2007, and while still rough, is not nearly as bad as before. There is little difference here between high and low tides so swimming is possible any time of day. There may be some cloud and wind and quick rainshowers in June/July but the sun is usually out and the weather very pleasant. The beach is fine white sand or ground shells, the water turquoise blue, the sunsets spectacular and the local boat activity picturesque.
    Snorkeling trips are offered to the local Coral Gardens at $10, or round the northern tip of Zanzibar to Mnemba Island on the east coast (full day for $17 - $20). These trips are on the steady wooden dhows that are built in Nungwi with even the beams and benches hewn from trees. Although motorised, sails are hoisted to utilise the wind.
    Never pay in advance in promise to be picked up at a given time. They might do, but when they don't, don't expect money back. There is enough competition for you to say you will pay when you get to the boat.
    A Kendwa Village tour is offered by a local ngo where all profits are given back to the community. It is run by Kendwa community tours & safaris (office between Eden and Gold hotel) for 20$ when you contact them directly. It usually takes 2-3h finishing with a local meal. You can see Kendwa outside the resorts wall.
    Kendwa Rocks' organizes Full Moon Parties. You have first to load cash on a card they give to you at a separate counter, as the bar does not accept any cash. Make sure to ask for a receipt to the person loading the cash (even if he insists that you don't need it), as some "mistakes" from the cash loaders have been reported. Also, although some bartenders claim that you don't have to pay if you arrive earlier than 10:00 pm and stay thereafter at the full moon party, this information is erroneous: if they find you after that time without the wristband they give to you when you arrive later and pay your entrance, the angry manager or the guards may kick you out.
    The beach in front of Kendwa Rocks has wifi.
    If you walk left when reaching the beach (South), you'll hit some gorgeous empty beaches with no buildings and no infrastructure. The perfect place to get away from the touts and have your own paradise.
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